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Lumen named a top digital health company of 2021

by Dror Ceder · January 10, 2022 · 3 minute read
Lumen CB Insights

Lumen named a top digital health company of 2021

Lumen joins the 2021 CB Insights Digital Health 150 List of Most Innovative Digital Health Companies

Lumen woman CB Insights

As the world’s largest metabolic health platform to measure metabolism through the breath with 1 million monthly measurements, Lumen was recognized by CB Insights for its unique and continued innovation, global impact and for leading the personalized approach to improving metabolic health.

The annual list compiled by CB Insights showcases the most promising digital health companies in the world. We are incredibly honored to have been selected as one of this year’s winners and it reinforces our ongoing efforts to make a global impact.

We’ve had an unforgettable year of growth at Lumen and helped tens of thousands of people take control of their metabolism. Read on as we look back at some of our important milestones over the last 12 months...

What empowering people means on a daily basis

One of the things we are most excited about at Lumen is enabling people to take care of the "engine of the body", which is our metabolism. In the last year, Lumen customers discovered what types of foods they should be eating and what habits they should change or maintain. It’s been incredible to see the impact Lumen has had on so many people in such a short period of time.

Here are some of the achievements we’ve seen in people that have incorporated Lumen into their journey to health:

  • Lost on average 0.5 kgs/ 1.5 lbs a week from their first month of using Lumen
  • Increased their metabolic health score by 66%
  • Made 1,000 steps more every day and increased their movement
  • Over 75% of those who followed their daily nutrition plan were able to reach their goals

Growing our community exponentially

After launching Lumen, we started noticing people were looking to engage with other Lumen customers during their metabolic health journey. We decided to open a Community page on Facebook and it’s become the most inspiring place for all users and our team especially. It's amazing to see how complete strangers care so much for one another and support each other in their highs and lows. It really brings out the best of human nature.

“The Lumen team and community on here are really so supportive- so much good information, I wish the rest of the world was this helpful towards one another.”- James L.

A year ago we had 1,500 people join our community and today there are more than 17,000 members that post 8,000 comments discussing their journey, asking questions about metabolic health and supporting each other through their wellness journey. Our community above all, has transformed into a vibrant forum to enrich other’s lives by sharing personal experiences.

“I’m in a few different communities on FB...But honestly, this Lumen group is so engaged, supportive and helpful. It does feel like it’s ALL about weight loss, it really does feel about working to be healthier (of which ridding the lbs is a side effect)." - Kez L.

Changing people’s lives around the world

As the largest metabolic measurement platform, at Lumen we take breathing seriously. This year we reached a staggering 20 million breath measurements recorded using our hand-held portable device. Before Lumen existed, a metabolism measurement took 45 minutes and was only available in labs or clinics.

Lumen measurement 2021

Some fun facts:

  • Our most popular breath type was the morning breath which is the most high quality measurement to understand the body’s metabolic state
  • The countries with the most breaths a day were : the U.S, UK, Europe and Australia
  • The activity that led to the most fat burn results was HIIT workouts

Assisting clinical advancements

Since day one, we’ve been committed to investing in clinical research related to our community’s most pressing problems. This year we’ve developed research studies with top academic institutions, including Purdue University’s Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research, University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education and ARU Cambridge.

ARU Lumen

University Toronto Logo Purdue Lumen

These esteemed institutions have used Lumen as a metabolic testing tool for health research, innovation and for a deeper understanding of issues such as post-workout nutrition.

We will continue with our trajectory to improve the world’s metabolic health and make it accessible for everyone in 2022 and beyond.

Pioneering new realms of health

Another accomplishment was launching the first in-app cycle tracking feature that correlates each menstrual cycle phase with our metabolism. Every month our female users receive nutrition recommendations according to their cycle phase.

Lumen cycle tracking

We also surveyed our female user base, and the results were astounding:

  • 70% of Lumen users weren’t previously aware of how their cycle affects their metabolism
  • 53% ate better before their period
  • 47% managed hunger and cravings

Lumen’s founders Michal and Merav Mor, twin sisters with PHD’s in physiology, put forth this feature recognizing the importance of creating health solutions for women since not all health technology is a one-size-fits-all approach.

So that wraps up 2021…

Thank you to all of our customers and friends for your support. We wish you a happy and metabolically healthy year to come.

Dror Ceder Lumen

Dror Ceder

Founder & Chief Growth Officer at Lumen