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Reach Your Fasting Potential and Weight Goals With Lumen

Discover your ideal Intermittent fasting window and nutrition plan, tailored to your unique metabolism

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How does Lumen work?

Lumen uses a CO2 sensor and flow meter to analyze the CO2 level in your breath. This maneuver determines in real-time whether you are burning fats or carbs for energy during your fasting window.

Personalized Fasting Plan for Sustainable Weight Loss

Lumen transforms your fasting journey into a deeply personalized experience, by scientifically aligning with your body's unique needs for optimal weight loss.

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Long-term healthy benefits

Lumen leads the way in your fasting plans, guiding you toward metabolic health and paving the path to sustainable weight loss success.

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    Improve your energy levels and motivation


    Boost fat burn & workout performance


    Improve sleep quality

Peer-reviewed papers published in medical journals Clinical trials show improved health markers Lumen clinical research Lumen clinical studie

Backed by science and trusted by researchers

Lumen is utilized by leading research institutes and medical clinics globally for its innovative solution in metabolism analysis and research. 

    Scientifically validated


    Peer-reviewed papers published in medical journals

    Clinical trials show improved health markers

Lumen metabolism tracker Lumen metabolic tracker

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