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Lumen for Clinics.

A plug & play weight management solution to optimize your health practice.
Lumen’s solution includes a handheld device that measures your clients’ real-time metabolic state, and provides personalized recommendations for nutritional balance, beyond the scale.

Add More Value to Your Wellness Clinic.

Get to the Root
Lumen’s metabolic data, and nutrition recommendations can assist in retraining the metabolism to become more efficient at shifting between burning carbs or fat to reach metabolic flexibility and support weight loss.
Nutrition Data. Beyond the Scale
The Lumen device analyzes client’s real-time CO2 levels each day, providing health professionals and clients precise data on the client’s metabolic state, and personalized nutrition and lifestyle insights.
Enhance weight management offerings with ease
Lumen can be easily incorporated into an existing weight management program, or its 12 week plan can be directly implemented as-is. Improve patient results and generate ongoing revenue for your practice with a step-by-step playbook.

Americans are 3.1X more likely to pay extra for a holistic nutrition program that includes a metabolic device vs traditional weight loss programs.¹


Metabolic & lifestyle monitoring made simple.

Health Professionals can implement Lumen’s metabolic and lifestyle program as a part of a holistic nutrition program. Empower patients to take a more active role in their health– the Lumen device provides patient’s real-time metabolic data for personalized treatment.

Lumen provides a structured plan for delivering personalized insights. Optimize results of patients with a well defined offering — Lumen’s reporting can be added to your weight management solution or standalone in a unique 12-week program. Manage your patient interactions to streamline success.

Lumen's Program: A low-touch service with a high-touch feel.

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Reduce Client ‘Heavy-Lifting’

Burnout and burdens across and on health professionals is at an all time high. Lumen’s nutrition solution reduces the one-on-one time needed with patients, while still providing a personalized experience.

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Proactive Partners

Clients see the direct impacts from various foods on their metabolism in real-time and learn how healthy weight loss support, long term weight management, and may help reduce the risks of certain chronic diseases as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Higher Customer Retention

Building healthy habits takes time, education and support for weight loss, weight management and overall better health. That’s why Lumen offers a 6 or 12 month service subscription with its 12-week guided plan. Re-enroll patients or keep them active long after their initial program term.

Subscriptions can be extended at the same rate.

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7 out of every 10 Americans agree that they would need less one-on-one time with their health professionals if they had a Lumen device to support them.¹

Your patient's day with Lumen.

The Lumen handheld device requires a single daily breath, an easy first step in encouraging consistent healthy habits.

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Morning Metrics.
Clients breathe into the Lumen device first thing in the morning before eating or drinking to get a reading on their real-time metabolic state.
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Holistic Health.
Clients can see the real-time impact of food, workouts, sleep and fasting on their metabolism and how it affects their weight loss, energy and overall health long term.
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Nutrition Plan.
Once the client is aware of their metabolic state, they can review their personalized nutrition recommendations including how to plan their low carb/high carb day.
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Clients can review their real-time metabolic data with their clinicians, while also using it to take a more active role in their day-to-day health, keeping nutrition top of mind.

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Lumen. Better Health. For Everyone.
¹ N=~5,000 /survey. Surveys ran between Jan 25th-Feb 4th, 2022 using Google Surveys