Metabolism Tracker

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Scientifically Validated
Lumen has been validated and meets the gold standard of measuring metabolism

What you get

Lumen device
$299 value
Charging dock
USB-C cable
Travel case
Lumen app
  • Custom wellness plans
  • Daily metabolism insights
  • Daily personalized meal plans
  • Workout nutrition guidance
iOS / Android
Premium support

Technical specifications


iOS compatibility (iOS 8 and higher)
iPhone 6 and more recent

Android compatibility (8.0 and higher)
Recommended higher than 720 x 1280 pixels

Bluetooth connectivity
Bluetooth Low Energy needed

Application connectivity
Apple Health Kit
Google Fit

*Cannot be set up from a computer


Conditions of use
Not water resistant or water proof
Operating temperature: 15°C to 40°C (59°F to 104°)
Storage temperature: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°)

CO2 sensor

Single battery charge lasts
Up to 14 days in normal use
Lithium polymer battery

Dimensions and weight
Lumen device: 102mm x 41.4mm x 33.3mm, 75g
Docking station: 14.5mm x 79.5mm x 68mm, 145g
Connections: USB-c


When will I receive my Lumen device?

If you order Lumen today, your Lumen Device and accessories ships in 7-10 business days.

Who is Lumen for?

At this time, Lumen was designed to be used by individuals who are 16+ and considered healthy.

For individuals who have been diagnosed with or have the following conditions:

Severe COPD
Severe asthma
Clinically Obese

If Lumen is not right for you at this time, we recommend that you do not purchase the device.

If you are currently under medical supervision for an autoimmune disorder/condition or other health-related matters, please consult your doctor before purchasing Lumen.

Can multiple people share one device?

Lumen is designed to be used by one individual at a time. While it is possible for two people who live in the same home to share a single device, we do not recommend it for a number of reasons:

1. Each user will need to download the Lumen App separately to their phones and create their own profiles.
2. In order to unlock your day and receive your meal plan, you'll need to complete a morning breath measurement.
3. Sharing a device makes it difficult to use Lumen consistently on a daily basis, leading to lower rates of success in reaching health goals. Our testing shows that users who use Lumen throughout the day are statistically more likely to succeed in their goals.

Has Lumen’s technology been validated?

Lumen's technology has been scientifically proven to accurately measure metabolic fuel usage when compared to the gold standard (RER) for measuring metabolism in multiple validation studies.

What is the return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Lumen Device, you are entitled to return your Lumen Device and receive a refund within 14-days from the time that the device was delivered. You can read the full details of the return policy in the link in the footer.

What is the warranty?

There is a one-year warranty on the hardware of the device and charging dock. You can read the full details of the warranty policy in the link in the footer.