See how your diet truly impacts your body

Lumen device with App
Now you can measure your metabolism in real-time through your breath. See what fuel source your body is using for energy and optimize your nutrition.

Enhance your metabolisms efficiency

Your metabolism can be improved, just like your body gets stronger and more fit from working out. Improving your metabolisms efficiency leads to:

Natural Weight Loss
Boosted Energy and Mood
Less Snacking

Nutrition personalized to your physiology

Lumen provides you with the insights you need daily to understand how your diet impacts you body, and guidance to keep you on track. So you can stop counting calories and start counting on your metabolism.

Lumen App - Nutrition plan
Personalized meal recommendations
Lumen app flex score
Real-time daily metabolic insights
Lumen app food log
Sustainable and adaptive plan
lumen device
See how Lumen is changing peoples lives
Bernadette - Off Broadway Producer
Jacob optimized his workouts and fitness
Dr. Molly - Physician

Stay a breath ahead
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