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Hack Your Fast!

See how your Intermittent Fasting truly affects your body, and learn how to optimize your fasting windows 

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For the first time, you can now measure the impact of your fasting on your body and see if your fast has shifted your body to a state of fat burn, or if you over-fasted and learn how to optimize your fasting for optimal results.
Lumen App

It starts with a breath

Lumen is the world's first device to measure metabolism through the breath and provides a daily nutrition plan to enhance your metabolisms efficiency

Intermittent Fasting with Lumen

Lumen provides one-of-a-kind daily metabolic measurements, giving feedback on your method of intermittent fasting and whether or not it is yielding the desired results.

Lumen informs you when you are in this fat burning state and supports according to the length of your fast to provide a tool personalized to your metabolism and help you improve your metabolic health.

The Gold standard of personal metabolism tracking

Lumen is scientifically proven to meet the gold standard of metabolism measurement (RER) in multiple validation studies.

Optimize Your Intermittent Fasting

Metabolism based Fasting

Take the guesswork out of your fast and understand which fasting method is best for your metabolism.

See the impact

Lumen provides daily feedback on the impact of your fast and how your metabolism is adjusting to your preferred method of fasting.

Fasting guidance

Lumen helps provide nutritional balance to reduce cravings and keep you informed on what to do next.

Lumen ​recommends a specific type of intermittent fasting: time restrictive eating. ​Restricting your food intake to a specific “eating window”’ has multiple benefits in health, which has been proven to lead to better health results than eating the biggest meal of the day at night.

Research shows that short-term fasts can also speed up metabolic processes and prevent the loss of muscle mass. When it comes to deciding which method of intermittent fasting is best, each person should follow a fasting routine based on their needs. What works best for one person might be different for another.