Personal nutrition consultation tailored to your needs

Have a Lumen Nutritionist with you every step of the way towards reaching your goals and beyond

First Nutrition Consultation

Full nutrition assessment to analyze your current nutrition situation and needs. Receive information on how to get the most out of your Lumen experience.

*60-minute consultation

Follow-up Consultation

After the initial assessment you will meet your nutritionist to define personalized actions that will serve you best.

*45-minute consultation

Third Consultation

In this session you will go-over the changes and the progress made for continued success.

*45-minute consultation

Lumen Nutritionist

Three one-on-one sessions
Limited Time Offer

One time order, normally $225

With Lumen Nutritionist, you can

Assess your nutritional habits
Get customized nutrition guidance
Set specific and attainable goals

Please note


Remote video session
Zoom video conferencing

Required to have a Lumen device
Can start consultations at any point during your Lumen journey

Session highlights

Number of sessions
Three one-on-one consultations

Time in-between sessions
1 - 3 weeks in-between sessions


Do I need to use Lumen in order to book my consultation?

You can book a consultation session at any point of your Lumen journey.

How can this be beneficial for my Lumen journey?

Lumen will provide you with nutrition recommendations specifically tailored to you based on your metabolism. However, you might feel stuck, have difficulties following the recommendations, or might not find the recommendations suitable. In this case it can be beneficial to take a closer look at your personal background besides your metabolism. An individual nutrition consultation can help further personalize your Lumen experience and help you implement healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Timeframe of the consultation process?

The three consultations will be ideally held within a month. The first session will be scheduled for 60 minutes and the two follow up sessions will take 45 minutes. The 1st follow up session should be scheduled within 1 week after the initial consultation and the 2nd follow up session about 2-3 weeks afterwards.

What is the background of the nutritionists?

Our nutritionists hold bachelor and master degrees in Nutrition Sciences form European Universities and are additionally registered nutritionists with the German Nutrition Association.

Can I book additional sessions?

Yes, after the three main sessions you can book additional sessions in order to ensure you are staying on track.