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Meet Lumen, your very own personal nutritionist.

Lumen device

Receive meal plans & the support you need to tackle nutrition, cravings, weight management and performance in a healthy way.

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All you need for enhancing your nutrition in just one breath

Breathing into the Lumen gives you unique insights into your metabolic health and how your body converts what you eat into energy - understanding your metabolism makes it easier to reach your weight and fitness goals

Breakfast with vegetables

You are not alone

Losing weight or optimizing your health isn’t easy. With Lumen as your own personal nutritionist, get all the daily food recommendations and guidance you need to stay on track with your nutrition

Lumen vs Nutritionist

On-demand support
Based on your metabolic data
Advanced AI
Personalized & dynamic
Daily meal plans
Tailor-made recipe recommendations

People using Lumen have seen an average of 2 lbs natural weight loss a week by improving their nutrition

  • Daily measurement
  • Personalized nutrition
  • Meal recommendations
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Created by scientists and nutritionists & trusted by Drs, Athletes & Fitness Pros

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