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Improving performance with Lumen

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Lumen partnered with Adidas Runners to track runners' metabolisms and improve their nutrition for optimal performance.

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Program Background

The program was designed to use Lumen’s real-time metabolic data and insights to enhance sports performance for the Adidas Runners athletes. The runners tracked the impact of following the Lumen daily nutrition recommendations on improving their sports performance and overall metabolic flexibility.

The Lumen journey with Adidas Runners Club

The Adidas Runners Athletes used Lumen 6-7 times weekly. The runners found that when they followed the plan, they reached fat burn 50% of the time. Additionally, they achieved a state of fat burn after 60% of the workouts.

The data provided by Lumen sheds invaluable insight as to how each athlete's metabolism operates and processes carbohydrates, in particular. With Lumen, runners were able to see the impact of the fuel they consume before and after workouts, as well as over time.

Chart about fat burn levels.
Workout sessions
60% of workouts performed pushed AR users towards fat burn
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Faster, better, stronger with Lumen

The data after 5 weeks of using Lumen demonstrates the type of results athletes can achieve by tracking their metabolism on a daily basis. Athletes lost an average of 2.5% body weight, 9.5% body fat, and decreased their running time by 17%. The athletes also showed significant improvement in their Lumen score representing overall metabolic flexibility.

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Weight loss
Average body weight loss during the 5 weeks program
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% Fat
Fat percentage that was decreased
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Average decrease in running pace (Min/KM)
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Improve sports performance with Lumen

With Lumen, athletes can track sleep, exercise, nutrition, and metabolic data to provide accurate results in real-time, and learn more about how their body responds to the fuel they consume pre and post workout. Incorporating Lumen into a training regimen can help optimize sports performance for athletes.