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Discover a path to weight loss that's sustainable and better for your body!

Stop counting calories, take the guesswork out of your diet and reach your health goals.

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Harness the power of Metabolic Health

Lumen is the world’s first device to measure, track and analyze your metabolism in real time, helping you reach your weight goal by improving your metabolisms efficiency in burning fats and carbs for fuel.

Lumen vs Diets & Counting Calories

Lumen helps you improve your bodies natural ability to burn fats and carbs instead of storing them as fat, fine tuning your body's engine versus weight loss diets which simply limit calories and thus have no long term benefits. With Lumen weight loss is the byproduct of your body becoming healthier and more efficient.

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Boost your bodies natural ability to burn fats and carbs

Get a personalized and adaptable nutrition plan based on your own physiology, with feedback that helps you understand how the foods you consume impact your body.


    Analyze your metabolic status

    for data-driven nutrition 

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    Keep energy levels high


    Track your

    metabolic performance

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Improved energy levels

Improve energy levels with the right nutrition, and learn how to enhance your metabolic helath to feel your best.


    Find inspiration for meals

    in the daily plan on the Lumen app

    Better carb


    Integrate stress

    relieving activities

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Begin your metabolic health journey today

Hear from the experts

Discover a scientific, holistic, and realistic strategy that supports a metabolically healthy lifestyle.

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It's not Magic, It's Science

See how our members are transforming their lives and reaching their health goals

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