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Smarter Carb
Cycling With Lumen

Get a Personalized Carb Cycling Nutrition Plan According to Your Metabolism

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Lumen Metabolism
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Harness the power of carb cycling to fuel your body

Lumen is the world’s first device to measure your metabolism in real-time. Take the guesswork out of Carb Cycling so you can reach your health and weight goals. Know how many carbs your body actually needs for optimal performance

Benefits of using Lumen for Carb Cycling

With Lumen your carb cycling is not a one-size-fits-all, it's personalized and adaptable to your own physiology allowing you to understand how your carbs actually impact your body and customizing your intake to maximize metabolic flexibility

It's a low carbs day It is a low carbs day Women and girl Women and girl

Improved fitness performance with smarter carb cycling

Learn how to adjust your carb intake

to improve endurance, reach optimal

workout performance and results.


    Analyze your metabolic status

    with data-driven nutrition 

    Men figure

    Keep energy levels high


    Track your

    metabolic performance

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Improved energy levels

Boost energy levels with the right nutrition, and utilize stress management and mindfulness to feel your best.


    Find inspiration for meals

    in the daily plan on the Lumen app

    Consume the optimal

    carb quality & quantity

    Integrate stress

    relieving activities

Carb cycling tracking device Carb cycling device

Begin your metabolic health journey today

Hear from the experts

Discover a scientific, holistic, and realistic strategy that supports a metabolically healthy lifestyle.

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Connect, Learn & Grow

Join our Lumen Community and connect with fellow Lumeners, share your experiences, and grow your knowledge about metabolism

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See how our members are transforming their lives and reaching their health goals

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