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Don Saladino Challenges us to do the Turkish Get Up

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The Turkish Get Up with Don Saladino: Testing True Mobility


The Turkish get up is an exercise that allows coaches to assess someone's true level of mobility, which combines stability and flexibility. Simply getting into a certain position is not enough; control over that position is key. This exercise can be performed with body weight, a sneaker, or a kettlebell. In this paragraph, we will explore the significance of the Turkish get up in testing mobility.


Mastering the Body Weight Variation


The body weight variation of the Turkish get up is an excellent starting point. The process involves rolling onto the forearm, transitioning to the hand, and entering a high bridge position. The emphasis is on stability, with engagement of the lats and careful coordination of movements. This paragraph will guide you step by step through the body weight variation of the Turkish get up.


Advancing with a Shoe


Once you have mastered the body weight variation, it's time to introduce a new challenge with a shoe. Performing the Turkish get up with a shoe requires greater focus on balance and slower, more deliberate movements. The importance of maintaining eye contact with the hand throughout the exercise is highlighted. This paragraph explains the adjustments and intricacies involved in performing the Turkish get up with a shoe.


Elevating the Difficulty with a Kettlebell


For those seeking an even greater challenge, the Turkish get up can be taken to the next level with a kettlebell. However, caution is advised, and it is crucial to have a solid foundation in the body weight and shoe variations first. This paragraph demonstrates how to perform the Turkish get up with a kettlebell, emphasizing the need for leverage, safety, and proper progression.


Benefits and Challenge: A Versatile Movement


The Turkish get up offers numerous benefits and can serve as a standalone exercise or be incorporated into various training routines. It exposes weaknesses and limitations in the human body while providing a fun and engaging workout. The level of tension and stabilization required throughout the movement helps improve overall strength and mobility. This concluding paragraph discusses the versatility of the Turkish get up and encourages individuals to take on the challenge while seeking support and sharing their progress within the Lumen community.



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