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How our Garmin integration sparked impactful behavioural change

by Samantha Lewis · May 29, 2021 · 3 minute read
Man ties shoes next to Lumen device

Launching an API integration with Garmin is the stepping stone to further understand the impact of our workouts on our metabolism in real-time. Garmin watch owners are the perfect example of active people on the go who want to monitor their health and make adjustments to their workouts from the comfort of their wrist. After careful analysis, we noticed some interesting lifestyle habits and data that make Garmin users unique compared to Lumen users that do not rely on wearables. Here are 5 ways Garmin users are hacking their metabolism more optimally.

1 | Garmin users measure their metabolism frequently

  • Garmin users regularly reach for their Lumen device after a workout to see how activity affects their metabolism. Data shows they took 11,000 post-workout metabolic measurements over a three-month period.

2 | They shift to fat burn more efficiently after workouts

  • Garmin users are highly successful at burning fat following their workout. The data revealed 70% shifted to using fat as a fuel source, compared to 50% for average users. This efficient shift from carbs to fat burn is a key factor in training a flexible metabolism.

3 | They fuel better for intense workouts

  • Garmin users are able to optimize their workout performance and become smarter athletes by learning how to properly fuel their body. They trained for 15% longer compared to the average user.

4 | They wake up in fat burn more

  • Garmin users are better at burning fat while they sleep. Those who tracked their metabolism in the morning following an overnight fast found they were waking up in a fat burn 10% more than the average user.

5 | They move more on a daily basis

  • Garmin users have more energy and motivation to boost their daily step count. Our data shows they took 18% more daily steps than the average user.

Why integrating fitness data is the next big thing

Wearables have gained a new level of popularity as 1 in 5 American adults say they wear a tracker regularly. So what’s next for the wearables industry? The future of health tracking is shifting to the combined value of fitness and nutrition data. That’s why Garmin has joined forces with Lumen to take its user experience to the next level.

Garmin users are able to sync with the Lumen device and app to find out what’s going on with their metabolism. The Lumen device measures the body’s carbon dioxide levels in a single breath to see if you’re burning fats or carbs for fuel before and after a workout. This data is then used to make informed decisions about what to eat for peak performance and fast recovery. Garmin users receive alerts on their watch about the best times to track their metabolism. They can also use the Lumen app for continual metabolic tracking, including weekly insights and metabolic flexibility reports.

The bottom line

The future of personalized fitness is all about data integration. As a data-centered company, we’re always looking for ways to benefit our users with insights that empower their daily decision-making to answer vital questions that impact our health – when should I work out? What food do I eat to fuel that workout, and did my workout shift my metabolic fuel to fat burn?



Samantha Lewis