Test your metabolism in 5 minutes

Find how good you are at burning fats and carbs.

Test your metabolism in 5 minutes

Dashboard with charts of the Lumen Metabolism Test Result.

Built by Lumen, the leading tech in metabolism

Lumen’s team is composed of some of the leading minds in the field of metabolism, and with over 10,000,000 monthly Lumen measurements, we have the largest metabolic research database in the world. This puts us at the forefront of metabolic health assessment.

The people behind metabolic testing

  • Michal Mor, PhD
  • Merav Mor, PhD
  • Theu Souren
  • Marilaice K., MD
  • Tomer Cramer, PhD
  • Axel Baumann
  • Ulrike Kuehl
Mosaic of people testing the Lumen device.