Corporate Wellness with Lumen

Empower your employees to improve their metabolism with Lumen

What is Lumen

Lumen is a device and app that measures metabolism in a single breath, and provides personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations throughout the day in real-time. Since metabolism is at the core of how our bodies function, a healthy metabolism is critical to disease prevention, obesity, heart problems, and other healthcare issues.

Change How Your Employees See Health

Lumen encourages behavioural change that leads to a healthier lifestyle. Through daily measurements and insights, your employees will learn how to improve their metabolism for lasting results.

Why Choose Lumen?

Until now, metabolic measurement has only been accessible to elite athletes or in a clinic. Lumen brought that technology to a pocket-sized device that measures metabolism in a single breath. Lumen is the only device that can track metabolism and provide your employees with daily recommendations to improve their metabolic health – at home or at work.

Benefits of a healthy metabolism

Better health
Easier weight loss
Optimized workout performance
Build lean mass
Better sleep
Stronger immune
Better weight maintenance
Consistent blood
glucose level
Feel energized and not sluggish

Bring Lumen To Your Organization

Get a corporate discount to provide your entire team with Lumen devices.
Receive a special code for your employees Lumen at a discounted rate.
Lumen can be delivered to your workplace or shipped directly to employees.

We are all about building a positive healthy workplace culture, make Lumen a part of yours.

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