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Bring personalized nutrition powered by cutting-edge technology to your members when they need it most. Free to you.


Bring Lumen to your clients at home

Gyms are closed, and your members still need you. You’ve moved your training to virtual in hopes of delaying holds or cancellations, yet in these uncertain times you’re not sure how sustainable this is.

It’s time to get creative.

Lumen is a portable device and app that helps you master your metabolism. In a single breath, it reveals if your body is using carbs or fats for energy and provides you with a personalized macronutrient plan and nutrition insights for your body and goals.

Why Partner

Get Lumen Pro for FREE till May 1st and stay connected with your members on their nutrition with your coaching powered by metabolic technology.

Outsourced Nutrition Platform
Lumen Pro is a 3rd party personalized nutrition solution for gym coaches and their members.

Members' Real-Time Metabolic Data
Lumen Pro allows a coach to see members’ metabolic results in real-time and provide instant feedback and guidance through the in-app chat.

Remote Coaching
Lumen Pro enables your members to be tethered to you at home, at a time when they need you by their side.

How it works

Your members purchase Lumen at a discount and pay you directly for coaching.
Provide your members with coaching based on their Lumen recommendations.
Stay connected to your members about something they can control, their metabolism.

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