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20 Nutritionists to Follow in 2020

by Emily S. · January 08, 2020 · 6 minute read
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The new year is here, and with that comes plenty of resolutions to change or improve your diet and health in 2020. But how do you know you’re getting information from the right place? We’ve compiled a list of our picks for the best people to follow on social media for up-to-date information about food and nutrition.

The following 20 individuals are registered and certified nutritionists or dieticians, who are leaders on social media. Paying attention to them over the next year is a great way to get inspired, and help stay on top of trending news.

1. Angela Liddon (@ohsheglows)

Angela Liddon is a certified Canadian nutritionist. She focuses on inspiring vegan dishes packed with nutrition to keep your diet on track — whether you’re vegan or not! The passionate food-lover penned a best-selling cookbook with the same title as her handle: Oh She Glows. 

2. Dr. Megan Rossi (@theguthealthdoctor)

Dr. Rossi is a certified gut health specialist who focuses on making meals for improving gut health easy. If you struggle with digestive issues like celiac or IBS, following her is a great way to get meal inspirations for the new year. She’s known for providing providing practical information and fighting disinformation and false dieting myths.

3. Jessica Sepel (@jshealth)

Jessica Sepel is a registered clinical nutritionist and author who lives in Australia. Her specialty is finding meals that provide holistic nutrition instead of extreme, unsustainable diets. An advocate against the traditional “dieting” mentality, she offers recipes, tips, and tricks for improving your overall health, complexion, and skin.

4. Jenna Hope (@jennahopenutrition)

Jenna Hope is well-known for providing her followers with fabulous recipes, enticing pictures of the food, and tidbits of nutritional information to help you keep your diet in top shape. Her mission is making proper nutrition simpler, clearer, and easier to implement on a day to day basis, and she works professionally as a consultant to brands and individuals on creating a nutrition strategy.

5. Sarah Britton (@mynewroots)

Warning: this one will make you hungry! Sarah Britton hosts one of the most popular vegetarian blogs and Instagram accounts you can find. If you’re unfamiliar with vegetarian food, Sarah Britton will change that by providing you with innumerable recipes, photos, and tips for making masterful veggie fare.

6. Joy McCarthy (@joyoushealth)

Joy McCarthy is a holistic nutritionist who is featured on Global’s Morning Show. Highly qualified, she has helped with a lot of nutritional projects. She’s also a Faculty Member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, helped to create a Canadian nutritional program known as Eat Well Feel Well, and she shares a lot of insightful tidbits on her instagram account.

7. Steph Lowe (@thenaturalnutritionist)

Athletes and sports fans rejoice, Steph Lowe is an expert in athletic and sports-based nutrition. Following her blog can teach you a lot about how to maximize your performance and, if you’re using a metabolism tracker or weight tracker, to optimize your results. She is an expert, in particular, for low-carb diets and for meal planning for fat adapted athletes.

8. Anne Mauney (@fannetasticfood)

A registered dietician, Anne Mauney is keen to share her holistic recipes with her followers. She also posts information and tips about travel and fitness. Following her suggestions can not only give you meal inspiration, but also inspiration for fitness general well-being.

9. Dawn Jackson Blatner (@djblatner)

Dawn Jackson Blatner prefers to share valuable information with her followers more than pretty pictures. On her blog, you’ll learn how to switch unhealthy foods for healthy ones and develop a diet plan that tastes great and makes you feel great. Dawn focuses on flexitarian diets which is a form of semi-vegetarianism. While focusing on consuming a high amount of veggies, flexitarianism also allows for the occasional planned non-vegetarian meal to help balance out a diet.

10. Rhiannon Lambert (@rhitrition)

Rhiannon Lambert is a certified personal nutritionist who posts a lot of recipes for simple, satisfying, and delicious healthy meals. On her blog, you’ll learn to improve your daily meal plan by putting a twist on things like pancakes, omelettes, and more – without breaking your wallet.

11. McKel Hill (@nutritionstripped)

McKel Hill’s feed is filled with fantastic food-based wisdom. You can learn how to use food as a weapon against disease, discover fantastic recipes, and see photos of the delicacies that this nutritionist is eager to share. McKel came up with the 5×5 framework to create and maintain healthy holistic dieting. Her 5×5 framework is designed to free you from diet “rules” and create and personalized plan that works for you. It consists of five pillars: “routine, check-in, nutrition, well-being, life.”

12.  Keri Glassman (@nutritiouslifeofficial)

Keri Glassman is one of the more famous nutritionists that you can follow. She’s a registered dietician and has published multiple books on nutrition. Thanks to social media, you can get instant access to her wisdom by following her on Instagram and Twitter! On social, she debunks trending fitness and nutrition myths, and provides regular challenges to keep followers on their toes.

13. Zoe Bingley-Pullin (@zoebingleypullin)

Zoe Bingley-Pullin is a certified nutritionist and a celebrity chef. Whether you’re using a weight tracker or just hoping to keep your health in check, Zoe’s blog will be sure to satisfy. Zoe’s angle is that we should not only give our bodies what they need to thrive, but we should also love the food we eat.

14. Celina (@peachyprix)

Any vegans, vegetarians, or people hoping to improve their diet (and ethical eating) by replacing animal products with plant-based foods will love Celina’s blog. Celina easily proves that it’s not only easy, but affordable and delicious to live a plant-based life. Her Instagram features regular plant-based meal inspiration and recipes to give you plenty of ideas for plant based meal replacements.

15. Cait (@caitsplate)

Based out of Boston, Cait is a graduate student of dietetics. She’s all about non-restrictive nutrition, and finding ways to give your body what it needs through the food you eat, without denying yourself the things you love. On her blog, you can learn about her food-based wisdom, travel, and general health.

16. Anita Bean (@anitabean1)

Anita Bean is a sports nutrition specialist and personal nutritionist. Following her is a great idea if you’re hoping to improve your maximize your meal options if you’re an athlete, or more specifically, if you’re looking for vegetarian meal inspirations as an athlete. On her Instagram and blog you’ll find recipes, nutritional information, and other health tips.

17. Mia Syn (@nutritionbymia)

Mia Syn (whose name conveniently rhymes with niacin, an important nutrient that we all need!) runs a blog that offers nutritional information, fantastic tips and tricks for improving your daily meal plan, and unique advice on using ingredients in new and innovative ways. Each of her posts includes vibrant pictures of every day meals and meal plans that are sure to help you stay on track. Mia herself is a a broadcast journalist and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who hosts a weekly show on proper nutrition.

18. Rosie Saunt & Helen West (@rooted_project)

The Rooted Project blog and Instagram account run by a pair of registered dieticians known as Rosie Saunt and Helen West. Their focus is breaking down nutrition myths and scams, and focusing strictly on science based nutrition. Everything they recommend is throughly backed by scientific research. This is a great blog to follow if you’re into really getting the scoop on nutritional science.

19. Kimberly Snyder (@kimberlysnyder)

Kimberly Snyder is well-known for her published beauty detox books, but she also runs a several of blogs where you can learn about nutrition and health. Follow her to find out how you can use food and natural products to make your skin look great and your body feel great.

20. Lee Supercharged (@leesupercharged)

Last but not least, Lee Holmes is a nutritionist, chef, and yogi who has authored over 9 cookbooks. She is the creator of powder based gut health products which are great additions to the food you consume each day. Follow her blog and Instagram to learn about how you can eat ethically without sacrificing your nutritional intake or breaking your budget!


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