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Fueled By Lumen: American Warrior Ninja Jessie Graff

by Emily S. · April 14, 2020 · 1 minute read

American Ninja Warrior and professional stuntwoman Jessie Graff has partnered up with Lumen to understand how to fuel up before training for her incredible stunts. Graff may be most known for her incredible performance on American Ninja Warrior, but she also has a prolific career as a a stuntwoman, most notably the stuntwoman for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Jessie uses Lumen to understand her metabolism better, and see what impact her diet has on her performance. On Facebook, she shared a video about what changes she’s made since she began using Lumen as a tool for fuel.

Jessie also shared on Instagram, “I love my Lumen! It lets me track what my body is burning to optimize training and recovery.”

Whether using Lumen as a professional athlete or stuntwoman like Jessie Graff, or just getting into more healthy metabolism, Lumen teaches you how to fuel your body and improve metabolic flexibility.


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